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Special: Southern born celebs
FCCE · 07.11.2016
Most people are familiar with the fact that Reese Witherspoon was born a southern belle, Matthew McConaughey's accent doesn't hide his Texas roots.... ansehen »
Michael Cera and Aubrey Plaza nearly married in Las Vegas
FCCE · 07.11.2016
Actors Michael Cera and Aubrey Plaza were the comedy couple that you never knew existed, and Plaza recently revealed that they almost got married on a...... ansehen »
Country Music Awards create Beyonce controversy
FCCE · 07.11.2016
It's time to refresh our knowledge of the stars in 'Social Media Update'.... ansehen »
In-Depth: Matthew McConaughey
FCCE · 07.11.2016
Over the last few years this blue eyed cowboy has proven to be quite the versatile guy. He's not only a dramatic superstar, but also known to be a rom...... ansehen »
Celebrity Lifestyle: Talking Politics Part 2: Democrats
FCCE · 07.11.2016
The 2016 US Presidential Election is almost over, and since celebrities seem likely to be able to influence the voting habits of their many fans, let'...... ansehen »
Olivia Munn set to join 'Predator' reboot
FCCE · 07.11.2016
Actress Olivia Munn is poised to join the cast of the 'Predator' reboot.... ansehen »
Demi Lovato hat Sylvester Stallone ausgeknockt!
FCCE · 07.11.2016
Demi Lovato hat Sylvester Stallone k. o. geschlagen, als sie beide kürzlich zusammen trainierten.... ansehen »
Happy Birthday David Schwimmer!
FCCE · 07.11.2016
On the 2nd of November, actor, director and producer David Schwimmer celebrates his birthday.... ansehen »
The Stars' Best Kept Secrets: Ice Cube
FCCE · 07.11.2016
Rapper turned actor Ice Cube is known for his hard hitting lyrics, his work with the legendary hip hop group N.W.A and his varied film and television...... ansehen »